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New Zealand Oil & Gas has exploration acreage in New Zealand’s only hydrocarbon-producing region, the Taranaki Basin.

PEP 55793 (Vulcan)

Was awarded to New Zealand Oil & Gas in the New Zealand Government’s 2013 Block Offer on 5 December 2013

Map of PEP 55793 (Vulcan)

PEP 55792 (Galleon)

Was awarded to New Zealand Oil & Gas in the New Zealand Government’s 2013 Block Offer on 5 December 2013

Map of PEP 55792 (Galleon)

PEP 55794

Was awarded to New Zealand Oil & Gas in the New Zealand Government’s 2013 Block Offer on 5 December 2013

Map of PEP 55794

PEP 52593 (Taranga)

New Zealand Oil & Gas 50% (Operator), Octanex 50%

PEP 52593 covers 3509 square kilometres in offshore Taranaki lying immediately adjacent to the north of the Takapou permit (PEP 53473) and north of the producing Tui field in the developing Western Taranaki fairway.

269 square kilometres iof 3D seismic data over the permit’s Karoro prospect was obtained in April 2013.

Map of PEP 52593 (Taranga)

PEP 53473 (Takapou)

New Zealand Oil & Gas 50% (Operator), Octanex 50%

PEP 53473 is adjacent to the north of the Tui oil field in offshore Taranaki’s Western fairway.

Two previous unsuccessful wells have, Takapou-1 and Kopuwai-1, have been drilled in the permit. Interpretation of reprocessed 2D seismic data has identified a number of prospects and leads across the 853 square kilometre block.

A 3D seismic survey covering 593 square kilometres was completed in April 2013. It included the Kokako prospect, which is a structural closure at the “F Sands” level productive in the Tui area fields.

Map of PEP 53473 (Takapou)

PEP 51906 (Matuku)

New Zealand Oil & Gas 12.5%, OMV 65% (Operator), Octanex 22.5%

Permit 51906 is adjacent to three producing fields; the Maui gas/condensate field to the east, Tui oil field to the north-east and Maari to the south.
The Matuku prospect in the permit will be drilled in the second half of 2013 using the semi-submersible drilling rig Kan Tan IV. The well is expected to take 40 days to drill to a target depth of 4756 metres.

The operator, OMV, has publicly estimated mean recoverable resource for the Matuku prospect at around 65 million barrels.
If Matuku-1 is successful, New Zealand Oil & Gas has an option to acquire a further 5 per cent of Octanex's share, which would equalise each company's interest at 17.5 per cent.

Map of PEP 51906 (Matuku)

PEP 52181 (Kaheru)

New Zealand Oil & Gas 35%, TAG Oil 40%, Beach Energy 25%

The Kaheru prospect lies in 25 metres of water, 8 kilometres from shore to the east of the Kupe gas and oil field. It is on trend with the producing onshore Rimu and Kauri fields.
Preparations are well underway for an exploration well to be drilled in the Kaheru prospect using a jack-up rig.

The Kaheru prospect is a long-recognised structure with the potential to extend the producing trend southward. 3D seismic coverage and advanced processing undertaken by the joint venture has enhanced the structural imaging. Mean recoverable reserves (unrisked) are estimated at 45 million barrels (mmbbls) of oil in an oil case; or 200 billion cubic feet (bcf) of gas and 7.5 mmbbls of condensate in a gas case. 

Map of PEP 52181 (Kaheru)

PEP 54867 (Manaia)

New Zealand Oil & Gas 40%, NZEC 60 per cent, Operator.

The permit was awarded in the New Zealand government’s 2012 Block Offer. It covers about a hundred square kilometres in the central part of South Taranaki adjacent to the coast.
There has been only limited exploration in this extensive tract and no wells have been drilled in it.

The joint venture is planning to acquire 70 kilometres of 2D seismic data.

Map of PEP 54867 (Manaia)

PEP 54857 (Waru)

New Zealand Oil & Gas 100%

PEP 54857 was awarded in December 2012 in the New Zealand Government’s Block Offer.
It is off shore Taranaki’s south coast covering around 525 square kilometres north of NZOG’s Kakapo prospect in PEP 51311. No wells have been drilled in this permit.  The block lies within the source kitchen for the Maui and Maari oil and gas fields.

Work has begun to re-interpret extensive existing seismic data and design a 400 kilometre 2D seismic survey, which is scheduled to be shot within a two-year period.

Map of PEP 54857 (Waru)

PEP 52717 Clipper

New Zealand Oil & Gas 50% (Operator), Beach Energy 50%

The permit is off the Canterbury Coast.  Today the Canterbury and Great South Basin system is the major focus for frontier conventional oil and gas exploration in New Zealand, with drilling in an adjacent permit scheduled for early next year.

The former PEP 38259, containing the Barque prospect, was relinquished by New Zealand Oil & Gas and Beach in August 2012 ahead of a drilling commitment. In 2013 Beach was granted an extension to PEP 52717 that largely incorporates the Barque structure and a related lead, which is mapped to extend across the previous southern boundary of the permit.  An area of low prospectivity in the northwest of the original permit was surrendered so as to approximately maintain the overall area of the permit.

Extensive 2D seismic surveys were conducted in the Canterbury Basin in the 1970s and 1980s before the only existing well in the block, Clipper-1, was drilled by BP in 1984, recovering samples of hydrocarbon gas during wireline logging from a depth of over 4000m.

The joint venture will acquire at least 600 square kilometres of 3D seismic by October 2014.

Map of PEP 52717 (Clipper)

PML 38146 (Kupe)

New Zealand Oil & Gas 15%, Origin Energy 50% (Operator), Genesis 31%, Mitsui 4%

This Petroleum Mining Licence permit includes the Kupe Central Field.

The ongoing strong performance of the Kupe wells means the timetable for second stage development has been deferred for up to several years. While assessment of un-drilled prospects within the licence area continues, these future exploration targets are unlikely to be tested until second stage development begins.

PMP 38158 (Tui)

New Zealand Oil & Gas 12.5%, AWE 42.5% (Operator), Mitsui 35%, Pan Pacific Petroleum 10%

This Petroleum Mining Permit includes the producing Tui area oil fields.

The Tui Joint Venture is evaluating the scope for further in-field and/or near-field drilling which might be undertaken when a suitable semi-submersible rig is available in New Zealand waters.

Find out more about the Pateke-4H well within the Tui area oil fields HERE.

Map of PMP 38158 (Tui)

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