Cue has evaluated a new play type associated with the prolific gas-bearing Mungaroo formation. The play fairway extends across several adjacent permits including WA-359-P and WA-409-P. 

The “Ironbark” prospect has been identified as the primary candidate for drilling. Cue has received regulatory approval to extend its year 3 well commitment date until October 2016. Cue has commenced its farm-out process.

Map of WA-359-P


Reprocessing of approximately 650 square-kilometres of existing 3D seismic data over the Maxwell prospect is continuing.

There is no well commitment in the near term.

Map of WA-360-P


The regulator has approved an application for a work programme variation to allow geotechnical studies to be completed. The work programme term concludes on 30 January 2016.

Map of WA 361-P


Reprocessing of existing 2D and 3D seismic data is underway.

Map of WA-389-P


 A 12 month extension to year 6 of the permit has been granted to allow completion of technical work associated with the Ironbark prospect.

 Cue plans to farm down its 100 per cent working interest. 

Map of WA-409-P