Te Reo Whakawhitiwhiti 


We foster active collaboration and understanding of others. We are open, transparent, and listen. We provide constructive feedback, and receive feedback graciously. We put the big issues on the table so they can be resolved.

We seek feedback from our Community Panels and their networks, in the form of an annual ‘Performance Review’. The 2016 and 2017 reports from our Southern Community Panel, assessing how we have performed as a company, are available here (link Performance Review to Southern Panel ‘Our Reports’ page http://southern.communitypanel.org.nz/who-we-are/)


How could we do better - 2016

We can provide more information about the way our industry works, expected outcomes and benefits to the community.

How we could do better – 2017

The main questions we receive include the safety of our operations and the contribution we make to our local community. These are fair questions. We aim to deepen community understanding of how we are working safely, and how the community can benefit from our activity and have a say in it. We believe we can do better at helping to promote understanding of the role of clean natural gas in the decades-long transition to renewable energy, and how natural gas is a lower carbon form of energy than other hydrocarbons.