Managing environmental impacts and risks emerged as one of the top issues identified by stakeholders


Our communities also want assurance we have a strong environmental ethic in all we do. Our Southern Community Panel has challenged us to come up with ways we can reduce our operating environmental footprint. In response to this we have reviewed our approach to flying, ensuring that the only the necessary trips are made, and reinforcing our current way of working remotely and using video-conferencing. However, the nature of our business does require us to travel a reasonable amount.

In recognition of this we’ve also made a commitment to offset the emissions from our corporate air travel. Initially we will do this through the Air New Zealand FlyNeutral programme. Half the carbon credits sourced through FlyNeutral are purchased from permanent native afforestation projects in New Zealand. The other half are sourced from sustainable energy projects around the world, managed by Climatecare. This is a voluntary measure, and does not impact our obligations under New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme.


Contributing to community environmental projects

Collaboration with our panels identified a strong environmental theme of ‘environmental stewardship/ kaitiakitanga’ for our community investment.

This recognises that environmental risk and impacts, particularly in relation to the coastal natural environment, are one of the key issues of concern to our communities.

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