New Zealand Oil & Gas

New Zealand Oil & Gas is an NZX-listed company based in Wellington, New Zealand, with production from Taranaki, New Zealand and from Indonesia.

Corporate Activity

New Zealand Oil & Gas 2016 Annual Report here

New Zealand Oil & Gas 2016 Sustainability Report here

Where We're Active

Read about our producing assets here. 

Find out more about our exploration and our interest in ASX-listed Cue Energy here.

Kupe Reserves

New Zealand Oil & Gas has announced a further increase in Kupe reserves

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Producing Assets

New Zealand Oil & Gas has production interests in New Zealand, Indonesia and the United States.

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New Zealand Oil & Gas builds enduring relationships based on trust and support.

We contribute

Find out more about how we contribute. We support local environmental stewardship, energy efficiency projects, education and other initiatives valued by local communities.

Where we're active

New Zealand Oil& Gas has producing assets offshore in Taranaki, New Zealand, a controlling interest in ASX-listed Cue Energy, and exploration interests offshore New Zealand and onshore in Indonesia.

New Zealand

Production from three fields offshore Taranaki. Frontier exploration acreage in the transformational Canterbury and Great South Basins.


Exploration acreage offshore Western Australia through its interest in Cue Energy.

Deep Sea Facts

Extracting natural resources is a process full of incredible science, cutting edge technology and heavy manpower. Find out more facts about exploring for oil offshore through an infographic

Our People

Kia Ora - Meet the directors and management of New Zealand Oil & Gas