Kohatukai Weekly Drilling Update

Posted on 13 November 2018

A logging programme continued over the past week in the Kohatukai-1 well in PEP 55768, south of New Plymouth, onshore northern Taranaki, New Zealand.

While running Modular Formation Dynamics Tester (MDT) tool operations last the week, the tool became stuck in the wellbore. Following a successful "fishing" operation the tool was recovered to surface. A wiper trip was then undertaken, to condition the well bore, prior to acquiring seismic velocity check shot and vertical seismic profile data.

Activities are now underway to recommence the MDT logging programme. The MDT tool measures formation pressures and samples reservoir fluids to further assess zones of interest.

Participants in PEP 55768 are Mitsui E&P Australia Pty Ltd (Mitsui) 37.5%; AWE Holdings NZ Limited (AWE) 12.5% (Operator); New Zealand Oil & Gas 25%; and O.G. Oil and Gas Limited 25%.