Kupe Compression Project Successfully Complete

Posted on 14 October 2021

New Zealand Oil & Gas is pleased to confirm that the inlet compression project at Kupe has completed. Operator Beach Energy, along with Joint Venture partner Genesis Energy, has successfully procured, installed, and commissioned the new compressor at the Kupe plant and it is now available for full operation.

Consistent with previous communications, the completion of this project will reinstate the ability of Kupe to produce at a plateau rate of 77TJ/d for a sustained period. Reserves attributable to this project remain in-line with previous guidance.

The Joint Venture also continues to investigate options to drill another development well at Kupe to further increase recovery from the field.

“This is another milestone in the excellent journey that is Kupe” Andrew Jefferies CEO of New Zealand Oil & Gas says, “This compressor will allow us to suck harder on the straw and extract further volumes from the Kupe Gas Field bringing us back up to plateau rates at a time the country clearly needs it.

This major project has been achieved safely, on budget, and on time despite the headwind of COVID. Well done to Kupe Operator Beach Energy and all those amazing folks from Taranaki and around New Zealand who have worked so hard to bring this project to fruition. New Zealand needs this gas for industry, heating homes, barbequing sausages, and keeping the lights on when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine.”