New Zealand Oil & Gas Applies For Foreign Exempt Listing On Asx

Posted on 28 August 2020

New Zealand Oil & Gas is pleased to announce that it intends to seek listing for New Zealand Oil & Gas Limited on the ASX as a foreign exempt entity. A listing application has been lodged with the ASX this afternoon. Once approved, the Company will again be listed on the ASX (this time as a foreign exempt entity) as well as remaining listed on the NZX.

Andrew Jefferies, Managing Director says:"As Shareholders are aware, the Company strategy has been reviewed and refreshed, following the outcome of a vote on the Company's future during the last financial year. Consequently, we believe the Company will benefit from access to the ASX, where interest in upstream oil and gas is stronger and the market tends to value exploration and production realistically. We have begun the process of re-listing on the ASX and we expect to begin trading there before the end of calendar 2020."