New Zealand Oil & Gas completes on-market buy back

Posted on 19 September 2016

The results of the on-market buy back conducted by New Zealand Oil & Gas today are as follows:

(a) Class of Security and ISIN:   Ordinary shares and ISIN: NZNZOE0002S4.
(b) Number of shares acquired:   16,740,429 ordinary shares.
(c) Final buyback price:   $0.55 per share totalling NZD$9,207,235.95.
(d) Payment:   Cash payment.
(e) Amount paid up:   Fully paid.
(f) Principal terms:   n/a – buy back of quoted securities.
(g) Percentage of the total class of securities acquired:   4.982%.
(h) Reason for acquisition:   As per announcement of 30 August 2016.
(i) Specific authority for the acquisition:   Shareholders resolution of 28 August 2015 and board resolution.
(j) The terms or details of the acquisition:   As per announcement of 30 August 2016 and NZX announcement of 13 September 2016. Upon acquisition, the shares acquired will be immediately cancelled.
(k) Total number of securities in this Class after the acquisition:   319,266,280 listed ordinary shares following settlement on 20 September 2016.
(l) Treasury Stock:   Shares acquired will be cancelled on acquisition.
(m) Date of acquisition:   16 September 2016.


All offers at or below the final buyback price have been accepted in full.

Shareholders who offered shares are expected to be notified of their final participation in the buyback by their NZX participant share broker from 16 September 2016.

Settlement will take place on 20 September 2016.