Through our Diversity Policy we are committed to an inclusive and supportive workplace. Our Company respects and sees value in the unique contributions of people with all types of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.


We see diversity as simply diverse! It can include: gender; age; disability; ethnicity; marital status; religion; sexual orientation; gender identity, expression or orientation; and cultural background.

Our board establishes measurable objectives to promote diversity in our workplace. Currently these are:

  • Investigate pay parity and develop an appropriate pay parity strategy.
  • Promote staff engagement with diversity initiatives.
  • Promote awareness about and engagement with pro-diversity policies.
  • Providing talent management support for female leaders and further staff specific development and training opportunities, with a particular emphasis on overcoming cultural challenges.
  • Securing a Rainbow Tick.

We have been working hard with the Rainbow Tick organisation to attain a Rainbow Tick and are pleased to advise that we have now successfully received the Rainbow Tick.


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