Trees That Count

We helped to plant 4,014 trees and remove 914 tonnes of carbon. Our funding supported ten community tree planting projects.


Our support helped Paradise Trust to plant 100 kowhai trees.

Paradise is a 128 hectare property located at the head of Lake Wakatipu.

It is recognised for outstanding heritage significance and unspoilt natural beauty. Paradise Trust operates on a notfor- profit basis.

Recognising the importance of Kowhai trees in the Otago landscape, Paradise has been an active participant in Project Gold since it began. A unique tree to New Zealand and in steady decline, planting Kowhai trees is important not only for enhancing the landscape but assisting our native bird life.

The Trust provides the community with an accessible wilderness experience. It is open to the pubic all year round with guests & visitors to the property enjoying and experiencing an appreciation of biodiversity values.


Our support helped Atarau Sanctuary to plant 270 trees in a sanctuary for kiwi chicks.

Atarau Sanctuary provides predator-free sanctuary for Paparoa Wildlife Trust’s roroa / great spotted kiwi chicks, who are hatched at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve and then put in the sanctuary until they are old enough to fend for themselves.

Atarau Sanctuary is the first land-based pest-proof crèche specifically for kiwi in the South Island and the only facility in New Zealand for roroa to take sanctuary until they are big enough to head out into the world. Since opening in 2010, the sanctuary has given sanctuary to 49 roroa chicks.

By planting this area in native plants it will replicate an environment that will be comparable to the wild environment in which the kiwi will be released. Paparoa Wildlife Trust is a community conservation initiative dedicated to running effective conservation projects in the Paparoa Ranges near Greymouth.


Our support helped to plant 239 trees

Tomahawk Smaills Beachcare Trust's aim is to restore the habitat and biodiversity of the sand dune ecosystem in the Ocean Grove Reserve, and to provide long term protection to the Ocean Grove community against the threat of erosion.

Ocean Grove Reserve is a 28ha site of active sand dunes located approximately 6kms from Dunedin city centre.

The Trust contributes to restoration through hands-on participation in nursery activities and native planting.

The Trust sustains local relationships across a diverse group of people by offering a positive opportunity to contribute to a common environmental cause.


Our support helped to plant 400 trees in a wetland area Otago Fish and Game is a not for profit organisation charged with maintaining and enhancing sportsfish and gamebirds and their habitat. Taktakitoa is an ongoing wetland restoration of significance. The planting programme, which is designed to convert a previously grazed area of the wetland back into native shrubland, has been running for 4 years.

Read more here: fishgamenewzealand/#funding