Our Purpose

To be world famous in Australasia, as a locally based business, that invests in long term energy projects that provide long term value. Solving humanity’s energy needs, through our relationships, skills and values; while enhancing our communities.



Our Compass

Who we are

We are an Oil and Gas company with an Australasian focus. We are ethical, values-based, and nimble. We are an efficient, Wellington-based exploration and production company, and are growth ready. Industry expert trusted by our stakeholders, providing support and advice.

Where we are going

Growing: Efficiently deploy our resources purchasing additional production that has development upside, and exploration that fits our asset base. Improving: Use our skillsets, optimizing our processes, and extracting additional value from our physical assets, and the wider group. Realising: Support our operating partners, Cue subsidiary, and stakeholders to identify mutual value add.

How we will get there

We use our capital resources, technical capability, relationships, values, shareholder support and flexibility to create opportunities, execute reliably and in a way that makes us all proud, so that high quality people want to work with us.

Our Values

Tikanga: The right things the right way

We operate safely, and do what we say we will do. We display respect and understanding for other people, opinions and cultures. We respect values, rules and laws.

Mahi Tahi: Work together, collaborate, cooperate, with teamwork.

We are, open, honest and transparent. We actively pitch in and help. We have fun and work with passion. We put big issues on the table so they can be resolved.

Pākiki: Consumed with curiosity.

We seek to better understand ourselves, and the world, with the goal of constantly improving. We explore new areas to add value to our work. We work with initiative and imagination.

Tauhokohoko:  Barter, bargain, trade

We seek to continually add value through the application of skills, brains and hard work. We develop mutually beneficial relationships with key stakeholders and partners.

We deliver excellent commercial outcomes.