Archive: 19/05/2022

Palm Valley-12 Weekly Drilling Update

Posted on 19 May 2022

The Operator (“Central”) (ASX: CTP) advises that on 16th May 2022, the Palm Valley 12 (PV12) well in OL3, Southwest of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, had reached a depth of 1687m at 0600 hrs ACST in the Lower Stairway Formation
Drilling of the 12 ¼" hole commenced on 10th May. In the past week 584 m of drilling has occurred. Following a successful LOT, drilling continued in the 12-¼" section to the current depth of 1687m MD. It is anticipated that the 12-¼" section TD (planned at ~ 2005m) will be reached on 18th May.

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